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Boggs, Paula Business/Technology
Brewer, Teresa Foreign Language and Arts and Humanities
Caudill, Teresa English
Combs, Olivia 1st/2nd
Combs, Sheron Library
Hyden-Stamper, Christie 7th - 8th Grade
Lyttle, Tiffany High School Science
Morgan, Mark JROTC
Napier, Bernis JROTC Instructor
Noble, John PE/Athletic Director
Noble, Wanda Kindergarten/ 1st grade
Nolan, Cynthia 7th/8th/9th grade
Noplis-Campbell, Rhoda English
Smith, Doug Special Ed
Spence, Lincoln Social Studies
Stamper-Miller, Millie 4 - 6th Grade
Turner, David 10th/11th/12th grade Math
Turner, Janice K/1st
Turner, Ronn Principal
Wheeler, Nelwood Special Education
Colwell, Denise Guidance Counselor/BAC